Welcome to Mystery Achievement! Share your introductions here



Welcome to Mystery Achievement, students!

Let’s get started by sharing a few words about our individual paths. Feel free to use these prompts,

  • What brought us here.
  • Why we’re taking this class right now.
  • What we hope to glean from these next few weeks.

Please see this forum as a space to start your own threads to write reflections, ask questions, share insights, post related media (such as links, videos, or quotes from Mitch’s text or other texts). The goal is to make this a rich, dare I say transformative, experience for everyone.

We can build this potential experience for Mystery Achievement by recognizing the power of sharing knowledge and building a “hyper-text” of accrued wisdom and experiential, and practice together. This is where we come together and lean into our potential.

Looking forward to these evenings with you!

~ Jeremy, Mitch and the Nura Team


I am Jason Fairbanks. I came across Mitch through the recommendation of a friend to read Occult America - and I just kept going - Miracle Club, Definite Chief Aim, One Simple Idea.

I am a progressive Protestant Christian pastor with a deep appreciation for mysticism and hermeticism. I have always admired New Thought from a distance, but have had issues with what I perceived as it’s inability to handle pain and injustice. Mitch addresses these concerns in his work. His docuementation of the social justice roots of many New Thought thinkers has been paradigm-shifting for me.

I am looking forward to the first session being posted - unfortunately I was traveling during that time.

I am experiencing a healthy tension between Mitch’s teaching on ambition and acquiring power and a current stream in the Christian spirituality in which I am most recently formed, the idea of nonduality and kenosis, self emptying.

That’s enough for now - looking forward to the next couple of weeks!


I’m Laurie Allee. I discovered Mitch through his publications of New Thought authors. I had only ever read Think and Grow Rich (my dog-eared copy might actually rival Mitch’s) and I wanted to better understand the movement and read more from its other members. To say it opened up a new world for me is an understatement. I was thrilled to see the interplay of so many things I loved – socialist ideology, Transcendentalism, positive thinking, self-reliance with touches of Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, nonduality, Jungian archetypes and magic. This was not the airy, overly-materialist Law of Attraction stuff that had turned me off to much of mainstream New Age authors. I even rediscovered the Kybalion through Mitch’s audio version of it, which sent me down a wonderful Hermetic rabbit hole.

Like Jason, I read all of Mitch’s books – Occult America, One Simple Idea, Definite Chief Aim (I think it’s my favorite,) Miracle Club and as many of the Gildan Media audio recordings as I could find. I am drawn to the idea of using manifestation and magic not only as tools to create a better me, but also tools to collaboratively create a better world.

I’m a freelance writer and photographer. I’m also a 25-year tarot nerd. I am currently working on a tarot project including a book, an original deck, an app and what is turning into an immersive multi-media thought experiment about classic tarot archetypes and our relationship to them. :slight_smile:

I love these meetings because I always learn something and come away looking at things from a new perspective. I love the energy of the group and its members.

Looking forward to more!


Hi Everyone. My name is Enrico Gomez and I am an artist and gallerist in the New York City / North Jersey areas (enricogomez.com, proto-gomez.gallery, thedoradoproject.com) I’m here because I am looking forward to learning from Mitch along these topics of his interests (and my own). I encountered Mitch only recently, as an occult-themed podcast I was listening to (a recent obsession of mine) featured him as a guest. I was familiar with the New Thought voices of Florence Scovel Shinn and Emmet Fox, but hadn’t considered New Thought for at least 20 years.
After listening to just about every podcast Mitch has guest appeared on in the last several years lol (at least what’s available on i-tunes), I thought I should dig deeper and get a bit more familiar with some of these concepts that look so promising (chief among them, the Definite Chief Aim).
My hope for these next few weeks is:
A Starting Point.
An Occasion to Challenge Myself.
and honestly, I’d like to use the tips and tools that Mitch is extending to really break-open some possibility in my life and to actualize some long-held goals. but which goals exactly? … (I’m concurrently reading “The Miracle of a Definite Chief Aim” to get to my core dream … as I’ve been a “hyphen” for far too long.) Time to focus up!