Students, you can now customize your themes easily [I recommend "Minima" theme"]


For the moment, there are three main themes:

  • Dark (Dark Mode)
  • Light (Default Mode)
  • Minima (Larger text, nice fonts, clean look)

When you log in, just go to the top right, where your profile/avatar is, and select the three horizontal lines (it’s a drop down menu). You’ll find our themes there. New themes will likely be added as we go along…

Enjoy and happy reading/learning/sharing.



nice. Minima is def easy for reading. :smiley:


Agreed! I’m using it right now… :open_book:


Dark mode for me, since I have sensitive eyes and it is the default I run most things in… thanks for letting us know about the options!


No problem! I’ll work on getting the logo to blend with Dark Mode. :new_moon: