New/Old Introductions - Welcome!



Greetings, students! Post your introductions here.

A lot of you have already done so on the live class, but please feel welcome to share something more about yourselves here.

Thank you! :film_projector:


Hi, everyone!

Figured I’d start us off here. You all, obviously, know me. But you may not know what spurred on this class idea.

The first motivation was my wife, who knows I am a bit of a movie buff and am often writing about films online. “Why not create a fun summer class?” And now we’re here. So, I have Nat to thank.

The second motivation was to have a fun departure from a winter/spring semester of in-depth reading; some of us here are coming off of a few months reading Jean Gebser’s The Ever-Present Origin. I wanted to engage with some of the same concepts and insights in a more contemporary, multimedia approach. It’s also helping me rev up for the next few writing projects coming down the pipe.

Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you!




Great to hear this and all the very best.
My name is Malick and I am from India. I joined this class immediately because I love watching movies. Over a period of time I learnt how to immerse myself into the world and step outside for an objective viewing. I always wanted to make a program with movies to cover the length and breath of human culture and our connected behaviors which have led us where we are today; hence seeing this format that has been developed using movies was a lightening struck pleasantly for me.
Excited to have embarked on this mystical and sociologically enriching journey.



Hi Malick! Nice to hear from you. I’m glad you’re taking advantage of this space, since I know making the watch parties/classes can turn into a late night. Would love to also hear your reflections on the first two movies (Solaris + Cave).