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Hi, everyone!

Welcome to Nura’s PKD forum. I’d like us to be able to use this community as a hub to exchange knowledge, ask questions, and share insights on the writings of Philip K. Dick.

It’s also a hub for the PKD, VALIS, and Practices of Ultra Meta-Cognition class hosted on Nura Learning last year. The following is a general resource page for PKD-related online projects. We’ll build this out as we go along.

PKD, VALIS and Practices of Ultra Meta-Cognition [Course archive]

Course Description:

It is the hypothesis of this course that writer Philip K. Dick deployed a deep intuition and a keen series of observations about the nature of self consciousness to enable him to experience what he called “ultra-meta-cognition”, what he would label “VALIS” or the Vast Living Intelligent System.

Persistently Dick experimented with the idea that he had in fact experienced the contents of his own mind in a way “orthogonal” to ordinary awareness, an ultra meta frame of reference. In this orthogonal awareness, ordinary oppositions such as “real/unreal”, “living/machinic”, “alive/dead” dissolved into a nonduality experienced in pure consciousness.

PKD’s fictional strategies – the devices and techniques by which Phil Dickian effects of nonduality are often induced - were techniques of altering consciousness in the act of writing and reading akin to what scientist John Lilly would call “Programming and Metaprogramming the Human biocomputer.”

This seven part course will tune into PKD’s fictional strategies at play in his novels – including Ubik, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, A Scanner Darkly, Valis , and The Divine Invasion — in order to observe and experience an alteration of consciousness that Dick would query in the over eight thousand page manuscript, The Exegesis .


Zebrapedia: Distributed Scholarship and Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis

Welcome to the collaborative portal for Zebrapedia, The Zebrapedia Crowdscription Engine, a site devoted to the ongoing transcription, annotation, discussion and editing of Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis. This is where we will securely share our transcription and annotation, post queries, and collectively share our insights into the pink light and the writing PKD composed under its influence.

Dr. Richard Doyle’s Blog, AKA Mobiused:

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