Imagination / Nature / Communication


Here is a link to a short youtube video by Stephen Harper - among other things, a collaborator of James Lovelock (Gaia Theory) … what I love about this video is that it illustrates beautifully this ‘other way of knowing’ using our imagination… in the way Goethe ‘saw’ the ideal form of the plant or the true form of Strasborg Cathedral that Gary mentions - it is what I think our ancestors and indigenous people know how to do - using the imagination to know the world DIRECTLY …something most of western culture either doesnt know exists or at the very least ‘does not believe in’… but here is a scientist using it - calling it ‘poetic’ - it is what I call a shamanic way of knowing & PARTICIPATING in the consciousness of the world …which is open to all who investing the time to get on the wavelength so to speak…


Lovely video. It reminds me of an encounter I had with a fox on my property. Normally when I step outdoors the fox will turn and go off in the opposite direction. One day I heard the bleating of a doe calling her fawn. When I stepped outside, the fox came out from behind the hemlock at the same moment. We looked at each other and then together we looked in the direction of the sound of the bleating deer. It was as if the fox was saying, “Did you hear that, too?”


…THAT’s a sweet moment!